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Campaign to gain support for development of pitches

We have started a campaign to gain support for the development of pitches at Tougher Hill.

Over the past few years, members of the Skerries Harps GAA Club Development Committee have met with various representatives from Fingal County Council to highlight this urgent need. A Fingal County Council report by KPMG also specifically highlighted the urgent need for pitches in the Fingal area and in Skerries in particular with a 23% increase in population forecast in less than 5 years. The town is expanding with new housing planned which is great, however, building houses without the necessary social infrastructure including playing facilities will just lead to a social crisis in the years to come. Sport is a key element of the community and the club has land which can be developed to cater to the growing demand.

Our club, through the foresight and actions of many great members, owns the land on Tougher Hill on which two pitches could be built. We have worked to address concerns put forward such as access and roadways and have put together financial plans but now the railway bridge is the latest issue to be raised – it is too narrow. Just as one issue is resolved, another pops up. It is extremely disheartening. With the right mindset and political will, we can be part of a solution that will benefit our members and the wider community. We have the land to facilitate that, we simply need to be worked with in a collaborative manner to find a solution.

So here's what we're doing and need you to do to support:

  1. We've set up a meeting with local political representatives.

  2. We've emailed all members to get in contact with local representatives.

  3. We've set up a petition so people can express their support - sign up here.

  4. We'll be contacting officials in Fingal County Council to express our views and updating members on the details.

  5. We'll be asking the wider community to support us as this is for the entire community.

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