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Pitch Information

This will only be updated if there is any change to the playablility of the pitches.

Pitch & Facility Guidelines

Guidelines regarding use of Skerries Harps GAA & Camogie Club Pitches


With huge numbers of teams using Skerries Harps GAA & Camogie club grounds on a weekly basis, we all have a responsibility to respect our grounds so they can be utilised to their fullest throughout the season. Due to the significant pressure on facilities, the club have agreed the following set of guidelines for the safe and efficient use of the club grounds going forward.

  • The club is encouraging a ‘get in, train and get out’ approach and we request that players, mentors and parents/guardians exit the grounds promptly a er training or games to ease pressure on car parks.

  • Players and mentors are encouraged to walk, cycle or carpool to the pitches where possible to further reduce pressure on car parking. 



  • The pitch coordinator is the single point of contact for pitches – please do not contact other club members in relation to pitches.

  • The pitch coordinator can be contacted via email only -


Training Slots

  • A Master Training schedule will be issued at the start of each year and all teams will be accommodated as best as possible.                      This document will not change except for seasonal changes as shown or when adult matches are scheduled for weekdays.

       This will sometimes require a change to training schedules.

  • Adjustments due to Sanctioned/Competitive matches will always take priority.

  • There will likely be a requirement to share pitches throughout the season. Sharing or subsequent teams should not encroach or interfere with any allocated training space or session.

Pitch Requests

  • Request for Challenge or School matches should be made through the pitch coordinator. These will be referred to the pitch committee for approval. Please provide a minimum of 10 days’ notice.

  • Mentors who wish to arrange any challenge match that will result in a clash with an allocated training slot(s), must get an agreement with the relevant mentors. If agreement cannot be reached, priority is given to the team with the allocated training slot(s). Please note that pitches are widely available at weekends thus causing no interference to any mid-week training slots.

  • Challenge games will never take precedence over sanctioned/competitive matches or training slots.

  • Reverse fixtures (if opposition pitches are unplayable) should not be brought back to Skerries even if our pitches are playable.

Scheduling / Clashes

  • Where a schedule clash occurs, the following criteria will be employed

    • Competitive/Sanctioned games get preference over challenge matches.

    • Higher grade team will get preference.

    • Older age group will get preference.

    • Compromise should always be sought, such as staggered starts etc. - Mentors are encouraged to reach agreement/solution but should inform the pitch coordinator of any such agreement in a timely fashion.

    • However, the Pitch coordinator has final call should agreement not be reached.


  • Fixtures will be updated weekly on the club website and are also available on the relevant County Board websites.

  • Fixtures will also be notified to mentor groups at the respective weekly meetings.

  • Once final locations and times have been agreed the fixtures will also be updated on ClubZap

Weather / Pitch Playability

  • The Pitch Committee will make all decisions regarding the playability of the main pitch.

  • Pitch playability will be updated on the club website during periods of poor weather in most cases prior to 2pm where possible.

  • Fingal Co Co publish their playability updates every Friday around lunchtime via their website. The Pitch Committee or club are not in control of these decisions. The pitches affected are Townparks, Ballast Pit, Kelly’s Bay & Newbridge House.

  • The cut-off for each week will be Friday @ 6pm. Unfortunately, if your allocated pitch gets called off a er this me there can be no further ac on taken to re-fix same.


  • All of our neighbours should be treated with the utmost of courtesy and their rights should be respected at all times.

  • Good relationships with our neighbours on all pitches are essential for the future use and development of our facilities.

  • Under no circumstances should any member, player or Mentor attempt to retrieve a ball from our neighbour's property. Entering a property without permission is trespassing.

Maintenance / Housekeeping

  • Studded/moulded boots only are allowed to access the All-Weather pitch & Skills Court. No flat shoes/runners, no metal studs and no blades. This applies to players, mentors and spectators.

  • The Ball Walls cannot be used after 9pm but Skills Court and All-Weather pitch surfaces are usable.

  • Mentors should make themselves aware as to correct opera on of floodlights for each area to avoid unnecessary use and expense. All floodlights to be turned off at 10pm sharp. If the following team has not turned up before you leave the lights should be turned off also

  •  Static drills should not take place on the grass playing surface. Warm-ups where possible should also take place off the playing surface. 

  • Stay out of goalmouths except when necessary for specific shooting drills / match type drills.

  • The placement of small/portable goals should be alternated so as not to continuously damage the one area. i.e. do not always have small goals on the 13 metre lines. Cross pitch use is encouraged for younger groups.

  • There is a specific set of nets/flags for each pitch – use the correct set for your allocated pitch and ensure they are returned in good condition for later matches. The bins are located behind the Gym and marked with corresponding letters to indicate, Main Pitch, Townparks & Kelly’s Bay. The Ballast Pit equipment is located in the container at the pitch.

  • All teams to remove all equipment, mobile goalposts etc. a er training/matches and place them safely back in the storage area. No mobile goals to be le on the sideline of the main pitch as it can be dangerous for follow on teams.

  • Please treat all equipment, nets, flags, goalposts etc. with adequate care and respect.

  • Please report any damage or defects to pitches, fencing, portable goals or training equipment.

  • Each team is responsible for cleaning & sweeping out all used dressing rooms a er training or matches. All bottles/gear/rubbish to be removed from pitches including side lines of both home team and opposition following matches to ensure area is kept neat and dy.

  • All teams to be off the pitch at their stipulated finish me so the next team can start at their allocated me.

  • Please be aware that pitches may be closed for maintenance during Easter break and Summer break. We endeavour to ensure no games are missed during maintenance but training is normally suspended.

  • Dogs are not permitted within the main pitch grounds, including ball wall/skills court and all weather pitch. We expect Club members to lead the way and respect the club policy in this regard.

  • The final team each night must ensure that all lights including floodlights are switched off and gates and shutters are closed on leaving and keys returned.


  • Any instance of the above Policy not being adhered to, must be notified to the Pitch Co Ordinator immediately.

  • Breaches of this Club Policy will result in offending mentors being requested to explain their actions. The Club Executive will decide how an alleged breach of this Policy shall be dealt with.

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