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Primary Schools League

6 Schools, 5 weeks,  boys and girls from 3rd to 6th class, loads of fun!

It starts Monday, May 3rd running right through until the June Bank holiday - Mon 6th

Weekly Fixtures & League Table will be

published below and emailed weekly.

Registration now closed

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Weekly Update

Updated 19/05. 


Fixtures for week 3, May 22nd, now updated. 

Junior matches throw in at 6pm and the Senior matches at 7:10pm. 

The League table will be updated on 19/05. 

Our ask of parents:

- Players need to arrive 10 minutes ahead of throw in to their waiting area. This gives time to meet the team, for the coach to chat to them and discuss positions etc., to get bibs on and to be ready to take to the field on time as we've a tight schedule. Your support in ensuring they are there 15 mins ahead is very much appreciated. 

- If your child is registered and allocated to a team it's really important that they turn up for matches when available. The teams are very balanced so we need players to turn up to ensure we maintain that fairness for all team players.



If you have questions and your child plays for the Harps, please ask your mentors on the parents WhatsApp group. 

If your child does not play for the Harps and you have a question we will be there at help desk or running around and happy to chat and answer any questions.

Week 3 Fixtures - May 20th

Junior blitz kicks off at 6pm.
Team should be there 15 minutes ahead of throw in  

Fixtures Week 3 V2.png
Pitch Layout
Pitch and waiting areas.png
Teams 2024

League Table 2024

Results Table 2024.png

Photo's from 2024

Thanks to our wonderful club photographers who capture the spirit of the league so well. See all photo's in link below. 

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