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We say farewell to Louise Byrne, club GPO, and wish her the very best in her new role.

The club extends a huge thank you and sends best wishes to our exceptional Games Promotion Officer, Louise Byrne, as she moves on to the next chapter of her career this weekend.

Louise is moving on to work in a Coaching & Development Role with DCU and what an addition to their team she will be.

We have been extremely lucky to have had Louise with us for over 5 years and it’s almost impossible to put into words the impact Louise has had on Skerries Harps during that time. Our members, players, mentors and executives have been privileged to have had the benefit of Louise’ vast knowledge, experience, dedication but most of all friendship over her time with us.

Louise has been an exemplary GPO during her five years at Skerries Harps, working tirelessly to develop and promote hurling, football & camogie in the club, in our local primary schools, and the community.

She has been a key member of the Juvenile side of the club, whilst also sharing her time with anyone in the club who needed it. Louise has taken our Academy to the next level during her time with the Harps, with numbers growing term on term, but most importantly ensuring that every child who walks onto our pitch enjoys their time with the club. Fun and enjoyment while developing skills has always been her focus and it has paid dividends. Louise’s gentle, affirming, always positive approach to everyone she interacts with – from 4 & 5 years old's to teenagers and young adults, from teachers to parents taking their first steps into coaching – has had an immeasurable effect on the experience of all involved in our growing club.

During the most challenging of times over the past 2 years she moved this work virtually, going above and beyond to support our younger members when training or academy was not permitted. She was also a huge supporting the setting up of our All-Stars team, something we are all extremely proud of ensuring our club is for everyone.

It is amazing to see Louise in action, doing what she does best, out on the pitch educating, encouraging and knowing every child she comes into contact with by name. From delivery of best in class training to mentors to working with teams to execute fitness tests to working with volunteers to develop & implement the Skerries Harps Allstars, ensuring inclusion in sport for all, to supporting and advising the Juvenile Committee and Club Executive it is clear that Louise will be greatly missed, as a partner and as a friend to all in Skerries Harps and the wider community.

Louise will always be a part of the Club Community, and will always be welcomed back with open arms when visiting Skerries.

Due to Covid restrictions, the club is unable to give Louise the send-off we would like to, but Louise will be at the club between 6.30-7pm on Thurs 19th Aug should any of you wish to pop down and say your farewells, of course in adherence to all public health guidelines in place at that time!

So what’s next to ensure we continue the great work?

The club is currently working with our partners in Dublin GAA to recruit a new GPO for the club, and whilst Louise leaves big boots to fill, we have no doubt that her successor will be another great addition to the club.

GAA Games Development operates under a clearly defined developmental framework with a programme called the Grassroots to National Programme (GNP). This programme has 5 key areas of focus for GAA Games Development i.e. Games Opportunities; School Initiatives; Camps; Talent Academies; Learning & Development.

Louise joined Skerries Harps under and supported by the above programme and brought not only a wealth of her own skills and knowledge but the support at a national level for development within the club. Skerries Harps are committed to this programme and look forward to the appointment of another GPO, restrictions permitting, to continue the great work the GPO’s do with the support from the GAA for the club.

More information here:

More information here:

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