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U8-U11 Solo Run around Skerries

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

We're delighted to have our traditional U8-U11 team fundraiser back up and running (solo!) this May Bank Holiday.

This is a club fundraiser for our younger juvenile teams. To support our youngest teams to achieve their fundraising target we do the 'Solo Run' fundraiser which is great fun and a tradition in the club going back years. Our U8, U9, U10, and U11 boys and girls teams each take a football and solo all around the town in a parade! It's a great follow-up to our Paddy's day parade and great excitement for the children.

Our players will be going around with sponsorships cards coming up to the event. Each card has 25 lines at €2 a line. Help our players fill their cards by buying just one line for €2. We'd also love as many people as possible to come out and cheer on the parade this May Bank Holiday.

Participants, Mentors, and Organisers

Meet at 12.30 in the Harps carpark on the Bank Holiday Monday before setting off and then return to the carpark in time for the start of the Primary School's League where some children may have older siblings or relatives playing.

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