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Player Profile - Sinead Cullen

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

As we get ready to return to training and competitive matches we are running a series of player profiles introducing players from right across the club - all ages, teams, codes. And first up is Sinead Cullen. Sinead is the club player representative, a member of our executive committee and a player on our Senior Ladies Football team. Here's her story from the Harps.

Name: Sinead Cullen

Team: Ladies Senior Football

Position: Forward

Age: 30

Occupation: Internal Audit

Best memory from playing with the Harps?

I don't think I can pick a best, but one of my earliest memories was receiving the player of the year award when playing for the u11 Boys team in 2002. It was the last year I was allowed to play as part of the Boy's team. (which I had been doing since age 7 as the club didn't have a girls team for me to play with) but it's something that I always think of when I see so many young girls now playing or even walking around the town in their Harps tops. The club has grown so much during my time playing.

The player that most inspires you?

Eve Kehoe - She always sets the standard for work rate and commitment in every game for me. An unreal athlete who always smashes the task of marking the other team's best player.

The match you have most memories of?

I have an awful memory, and the only game I can think of is last year's championship against Man O War because I scored a good goal, but every championship game at home sticks out as the most enjoyable game for me. There is a different aurora and intensity around them, especially when it's a local derby at home in the Harps on a summer evening.

Advice to a younger player?

There will always be someone else who is faster or stronger than you so aim to be the best at your skills. Make sure they are so good that you never have an unforced error in a game or give away possession. Practice, practice, practice.

Player you'd most like to play alongside?

Sinead Goldrick - She has consistently been one of the best players in the country the past few years.

Best advice you've received which helped your game?

Take your marker on straight away with the first ball you get in a game, go straight at them and go for the score, if a goal opportunity arises, make sure it's a 'daisy cutter'

Tell us something outside of sport that people might not know about yourself!

I am a little bit obsessed with making a charcuterie board for any occasion!

Your proudest moment?

Although not a personal achievement, watching my brother Bryan lift the Sam Maguire in 2011 was a moment I will forever treasure. I was definitely the proudest sister in Ireland that day!

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