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Latest Covid Guidelines

Please see attached latest Covid Guidelines from GAA/LGFA/Camogie.

Key changes/updates

*Dressing Rooms*

Remain closed for the moment under current Government regulations. From September 20th, Dressing Rooms may be used as changing facilities only before and after games but with a *maximum occupancy of 6 people* at any one time. Pre-game, or half-time team talks, should continue to take place outdoors.

*Indoor Committee meetings:*

From September 6th, all club and county committee meetings in the South should continue to be held remotely or outdoors unless all participants are considered immune (i.e., fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 within previous 6 months) in which case meetings can take place indoors at 60% of venue capacity.

*Match Attendances* : In the South and because attendees at our games have mixed immunity, 50% of ground capacity may be used from September 6th.


The use of facemasks is recommended at all games.

*Health Questionnaire and other RTP Guideline* :

Health Questionnaires should continue to be completed ahead of all training sessions and games and the Return to Play guidelines issued earlier in the year should continue to be adhered to. This means that pods of 15 at training remain the guideline

The Health Questionnaire was recently updated to reflect the additional symptoms associated with the Delta variant. It is important to note, that regardless of whether a player/participant is vaccinated or not, if they have any of the symptoms associated with Covid and detailed on the Health Questionnaire, they should not attend a training session or game.

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