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Club notes - August 29th

Dear member,

Ahead of club news in this week's notes, we have 2 things to ask of our members. We need to build on the success of the club and need more of our members to volunteer on our committees in particular our fundraising committee. There is great support behind all our committees but we need more new people to get involved and we need more hands on deck to share the various jobs and really drive the initiatives we need to keep the club growing. This fundraising committee does great rewarding work and we have got a lot to build on for the future of the club with development funds needed. Would you like to see another 'Oscars' night, can you help with our Zingo, is there an event you'd like to see in the club?

Secondly, we would also like to hear your suggestions on what you would like to see in the club and clubhouse. We want your ideas and feedback.

So this week we've 2 forms for all our members to consider - our volunteer form and our ideas and feedback form. Please take a few minutes to give us your time, feedback, and ideas and also to get involved and join one of our committees even to give one hour a week.

Thank you.

Volunteer Form:

Or click this link:

Idea's and Feedback:

Adult team news

Senior ladies Match Report:

Minor Camogie Championship Match Report.

The weather was blisteringly hot, and we had to ask for water breaks, winning the first ball it wasunfortunately put wide, and this continued right up to the first water break, where we had 8 wides!! Ballinteer were much more accurate with their shooting and with only 4 attempts on our goals in this quarter they put 3 scores up. We regrouped and told the girls that they needed to be more aggressive on the ball, but the girls in the main were ring rusty throughout this half. We were down on a score line of 4-02- 0-02….and it looked like this wasn’t going to be the girls day. But with a bit of encouragement from the side line we told the girls that they needed to move it up a gear. In true blue style a beautiful ball was put into our forward line and Alex Ward won the ball and buried it in the Ballinteer net, this seemed to settle the girls, and suddenly the fight back began. We got on top and in a thrilling match that saw scores from 6 of our players, including scores from the 2 Beggs sisters, Leah and Rebecca,playing minor camogie together for the first time!

We defended our end we